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Hi, I’m Tamer, your friendly neighborhood calligrafriend, superhero mega-fan, and entrepreneurial super-geek.

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I’ve worked and collaborated with many brands, events, and fellow creatives, including a highlight of being featured on the local news.

Seeing my work published internationally and featured in galleries and exhibitions continues to be incredibly rewarding, but the real magic is teaching and sharing the joy of calligraphy with thousands of enthusiastic creatives across the world.

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I have extensive experience leading workshops, both online and in-person, and would love to work with you or your organization.

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The Blackletter Masterclass

Learn Blackletter calligraphy the easy way with over 10 hours of video instruction and using the innovative and easy-to-learn Blackletter Builder system.

You don’t need good handwriting to learn calligraphy.
Turn a few simple lines into beautiful Blackletter art in this self-paced and fun course that’s perfect for all skill levels.

Create gorgeous gothic calligraphy in Procreate using magical blackletter brushes

Complete, step-by-step instructions show you how to make beautiful abstract art

Essential brushes for making beautiful blackletter calligraphy in Procreate for iPad

Recent Articles

Easy Gothic & Blackletter Calligraphy Tutorial

Easy Gothic & Blackletter Calligraphy Tutorial

In this video tutorial I walk through a super easy system for writing an entire lowercase Blackletter (a.k.a. Gothic, Old English) calligraphy alphabet (all using just four simple lines).SuppliesKeep in mind that, ultimately, all the supplies you need to learn and...

NEW Pilot Parallel Pen: 3.0mm Pen Review

NEW Pilot Parallel Pen: 3.0mm Pen Review

CONTENTS   Introduction   Unboxing   Build   Review   Construction & Durability   Ink Compatibility   Ink  Capacity   Writing Experience   Nib Size   Value   Overall   Writing Samples   Comparison   Conclusion 3.0mm Pilot Parallel Pen ReviewIn late 2020, the...

Which iPad is Best for Procreate?

Which iPad is Best for Procreate?

Updated: September 2023 There are so many different models of iPads these days that it can be really hard to decide which model to get. In this post, I'll help you figure out which model to pick to use use with the amazing art app Procreate.Table of ContentsHere are...

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