Procreate Blackletter Ring of Fire Tutorial

In this video tutorial we’ll walk through, step-by-step, how to create this “Ring of Fire” design in Procreate.

What You’ll Need to Follow Along

We’re crafting this fiery design using the iPad app Procreate – so here’s what you’ll need to follow along: You can get the exact brushes that I use in this “Ring of Fire” tutorial right here:

Both of the collections above are also included in this Procreate Brush Bundle:


Check out the video for the full, step-by-step walkthrough to create the Ring of Fire design in Procreate.

Here’s a summary of the process:

  • Add a circle design template image (there’s also a circle design template included in the Treasure Trove freebies collection)
  • Add the primary circle of Blackletter calligraphy lettering

Now, this is the fun part.

You might think that we have to create a completely new layer of writing to form the middle ring (which you can absolutely do if you prefer), but since we’re working digitally here with Procreate, we can use a handy shortcut.

Instead of making a new ring of writing, copy the ring you just made and resize it to make the middle ring!

Next, rotate the ring so that it doesn’t exactly mirror the original and, if needed, move it so it’s centered in the design.

So, to summarize:

  • Duplicate, resize, rotate, and reposition the primary circle to make the middle layer

    To make the inner (smallest) ring, it’s the exact same steps again:

    • Once more – duplicate, resize, rotate, and reposition the circle of calligraphy to make the back layer.
    • Add shading around the edges of the rings to push them back visually
    • Using clipping masks to add highlights to the outer ring (from orange to bright yellow)

    (Note that you could also apply an “Alpha Lock” to the calligraphy layer in Procreate to restrict the gradient effect to just the lettering, but I prefer to use clipping masks because they allow us to work most “non-destructively.”

    If you use Alpha Lock, you’ll be permanently changing the Blackletter calligraphy ring, whereas Clipping Masks allow you to accomplish the same effect on separate layers so that your original calligraphy circle stays unchanged)

    • Add any final effects to complete the Ring of Fire design!


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